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 Termite Control

        ►Termites Never Take A Day Off!

     Termites silently eat your home from the inside out, invisibly and silently damaging your floor joists, wall studs and sheathing and hiding the damage until it's too late.

     Termites cause more damage every year than fire, storms, and earthquakes combined.  They eat paper, wood, fiberboard, cotton . . . anything that contains cellulose.  Eventually, if ignored, they will  threaten the structural integrity of your house.

     Homes provide the ideal conditions for termites:  warmth, moisture and food and they can enter through an opening as small as 1/32 of an inch.

     Typical sites of termite activity are:

▪ wood-to-ground contact
▪ air conditioner drip lines
▪ tree stumps
▪ wood piles
▪ stucco or rigid foam insulation below grade
▪ mulch bed
▪ damp soil under slab
▪ areas of poor drainage
▪ railroad ties
▪ chimneys that have pulled away from house







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